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Early Civilizations

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Early Civilizations



University Sources

Sites covering multiple civilizations.

World Civilizations - provided by Washington State University

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - provided by Fordham University


Sites of interest dealing with Greece

11th Brittanica: History of Ancient Greece - Ancient History Sourcebook

Barbarians and Bureaucrats - concerning Minoans, Myceneans, and the "Greek Dark Ages"

Greek Mythology and Pre-History - looks at the heroes, roles of women, religion, agriculture, trade, and other aspects of ancient Greek life

Perseus Collection - presents original documents and commentaries, some in  Greek; provided by Tufts University..


Sites of interest dealing with the Phoenicians

Phoenicians and the Phoenician Experience - the history, people, cities, ships, cedar trees, alphabet and other intriguing information on the Phoenicians and the ancient Mediterranean.

New book

Phoenicia, a Bequest Unearthed - a compilation and repository of studies about the ancient Phoenicians, provided by Salim Khalaf.


Sites of interest dealing with Rome

Ancient Roman History Timeline - historical content and chronological index of links to sites on Ancient Rome. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary sources and new perspectives upon the roles of women

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World - includes Latin texts, an atlas of the Roman world, and more

Forum Romanum - with offerings ranging from toga etiquette to a virtual tour of the Forum Romanum, this site is devoted to celebrating and explaining ancient Rome

Encyclopaedia Romana - selected illustrated essays on the history, architecture, and culture of ancient Rome


Sites of interest dealing with Egypt

Pharaonic Egypt - extensive coverage of ancient Egyptian history and culture, including a search engine

Egyptian History and Antiquities - exploration of the culture, history, and who's who of ancient Egypt


Sites of interest dealing with Mesopotamia

Old Persian Texts - many Persian documents translated from the cuneiform originals.

Epic of Gilgamesh - one of the world's oldest written stories from ancient Sumeria, translated by Maureen Gallery Kovacs.


Other sites covering multiple civilizations

Rise, Fall, and Survival of Societies and Civilizations - the people and works shaping our understanding of the rise and fall of societies and civilizations.

Livius - covers a wide range of interests in the ancient world, provided by Jona Lendering in Amsterdam.

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